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About Us

At EGN, we act as a bridge between two sides of the exhibition; exhibitors and attendees. We help exhibitors identify and engage prospective customers through business intelligence, data elevation and data refining solutions. From connecting to the audience at the event to engaging them post- after event, we will be with you every step of the way. Indeed, our services are available for you both at and off-the event, including support on execute mailing and tele-calling campaigns.

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Pre-Expo Insights

Every industry expo is distinct. This is where we help exhibitors understand and target their prospective customers effectively, well before the expo.

During Expo Insights

As the exhibition date approaches the number of participants grows bigger. Leverage our Expo Data Intelligence Solutions to connect with the latest registrants and to engage them.

Post Expo Insights

Post expo campaigns are equally important as pre-expo activities and during-expo activities. We provide you with the updated contact details of your potential customers.

Customize Your Expo Audience

Just refrain from Random Acts of Marketing and target the right audience with our customised database tailored to your specific requirements.


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